Fix Your Dog — Dog Training Technique

I was the total sceptic. Not only had I grew up with dogs, but after 19 years of being involved in dog training, I thought I’d seen it all.

So I just didn’t believe it when my grandfather, a 76-year old master dog trainer who owned a dog farm in Italy, told me to stop using treats. Instead of treats, my grandfather said I could get a FAR better-trained dog with a simple “mother dog communication method”.

At first, I was a bit doubtful, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that my grandfather was right. After all, I had also met an 80-year-old European dog trainer, who followed this same type of forgotten philosophy and had trained over 50,000 dogs with a 99% success rate. He corrected any dogs worst behaviour in under 3 hours. And he started in the early 1900’s — long before treats.

So I decided to administer the “one-minute” technique I had learned on my own dog a couple of times throughout the day and was amazed that in just 7 days, I had my 6-month-old dog go from rarely listening to me to fully off-leash trained.

I then used the technique on my parent's 12-year-old dog with spectacular results. His life-long excessive barking was completely eradicated in a matter of hours — despite the fact that none of the countless things we had tried before worked. And another unexpected benefit I got was that the bond I built with my dogs increased so significantly that I actually enjoyed owning a dog again.

Teach your dog to obey your every command the first time speak. Without repeating yourself!

Imagine never having to worry about your dog jumping on people — or barking at everything that walks by your house, attacking other dogs on walks, threatening your neighbours, running away on you, taking too long to go potty, embarrassing you in public, chasing things — and any other issue you’re dog has for that matter.

Hi, my name is Anthony Louis, and I’m the creator of the internationally best-selling “Dog Training Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know” System. I’ve been featured in major dog training circles around the world and this method has helped thousands of people.

Many top dog trainers, call me the “World’s Greatest Dog Trainer.”

Why? Because each day I receive phone calls from people like you to my dog training hotline. We speak for 30–45 minutes about my secret method than by the end of the day they have a well-behaved dog. Most of the dog issues people have can be fixed in about 10–15 minutes. I don’t use treats. I don’t harm the dog. I just use my one-minute technique a couple of times on any dog and get the same shocking change every time!

What does this have to do with YOU? A lot.

Let me set the stage: Several years ago I put 9 people in a room with their dogs at $5,000.00 each and began to teach them my unique approach to dog training. Only one person in the room had owned a dog before — and he didn’t have a well-behaved dog.

The others in the room were first-time dog owners. They had never owned a dog before.

Nevertheless, I promised these people three things:

1. Training a dog is easy with my method. It is NOT hard work.

2. I can teach you how to train your own dog within 3 hours

3. You will have a perfect dog if you do what I say.

They were scared to death when we started -

but 3 hours later???

When this workshop began the attendees were scared. They heard me say that I could teach them how to train their own dog in 3 hours. They heard me say it was easy. And they heard me say they could have the perfect dog with this extraordinary skill.

But they didn’t believe me at first.

And why should they? After all, to date, we have been repeatedly told that it takes 1000 hours of training with treats just to reach a level of competency as a dog owner. This is true for most people.

It was NOT, however, true for me and my clients — and there are a number of important reasons why. And those reasons were precisely what I was going to download into the minds of the 9 people attending my workshop.

Firstly, I had to over-ride an erroneous belief that training a dog is hard and that they could learn this highly desirable skill inside of 3 hours. Secondly, my guarantee was to fix your dogs worst issue during the seminar or pay nothing! I had to be able to teach them the skill so that they could go out and apply it to their dogs and see results quickly.

Everyone in the seminar got very, very good at communicating with their dog by noon. In fact, they were so good that I told them I could end the seminar right then and there and they would have already gotten full value. Everyone agreed.

By the end of 3 hours, everyone's worst dog behaviour was eliminated!

Eight others began training their dogs as shown and they all had their dogs off-leash trained in 7 days. The ninth person took 3 weeks to have a perfectly off-leash trained dog because of an extremely busy work schedule

One woman, Victoria, ended up becoming a dog trainer, mostly because of the very method I taught at this event.

At any rate, getting 8 out of 9 people to have a perfectly trained dog in 7 days with a skill they learned in 3 hours is a pretty good batting average, don’t you think?

I have had dozens of requests to do a video lesson on my dog training Method. I have been asked by seasoned dog owners and beginning dog owners — as well as total newbies. I have always refused because I have enough to do with my other events and coaching — most of which are private closed-door situations.

But recently, the urging number of everyday dog owners who have received a “secret copy” of my video course — and have transformed their dog in record time. As a result, I have agreed to release the video, but only for a minimal time as well as a minimal number of people.

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