Pinterest Automation: Auto Post to Pinterest

Automatically Generate UNLIMITED Viral Images to Get More Followers

The more you share and pin to your boards, the better you will catch the attention of more and more people; leading to an increased social following.

Because Pinterest is a visual platform, it is vital to always pin high-quality images.

Fan Page Robot always generates the newest, most popular content on the web. It generates viral images using your own keywords and with just one click. Nothing else is as easy or as thorough as this content curation software when it comes to creating viral content.

Powerful Pinterest Autoposter

When it comes to sharing, having separate logins for each account is a lot of hassle. Fan Page Robot is custom made for social media automation. It’s so simple that all you need to do is set up your keywords and/or your content source; Fan Page Robot will then choose and post your viral image to Pinterest automatically.

You don’t have to remember different usernames or passwords, and you’ll never have to log in to Pinterest to post content one-by-one ever again.

Auto Post to Pinterest at the Best Time of the Day

Maintaining a number of different social accounts is a time-consuming task but it’s also a necessary evil. Most businesses have little choice but to cater to all platforms in order to reach the widest possible audience, this is a job in itself. Fan Page Robot’s auto-scheduler will suggest the very best time of day to post either based on your historical post data or using your own preferences.

SEO Optimize Every Image You Post

A non-seo-optimized site is simply a wasted opportunity as there is a lot of low-hanging traffic out there on Google; Fan Page Robot means that you won’t make a mistake like this. Using Fan Page Robot’s auto-poster tool, all of the images you share on your Pinboards will be search engine friendly and ready to be easily discovered by more people.

Monetize Your Pinterest Accounts

Fan Page Robot lets you place your watermarks on images you auto post to Pinterest. Our auto poster software will increase your brand awareness and turn your Pinterest followers into clients.

Fan Page Robot’s campaign building feature can also help you to monetize your Pinterest accounts. Our revolutionary features can convert every link you share with your Pin to your advertising or landing page. Once your Pinterest followers click on your link, you will be able to capture the leads and have an opportunity to convert them into real clients.

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