Oishee is in the operation theatre. Her operation is going on. I don’t know if I can see Oishee alive. The girl has been suffering from a disease for two years. Today is the last day of his life or the last day of his illness.
I knew about her problem before marriage. Yet I married him.

Because I fell in love with him the day I first saw him at varsity. She is not an impossible type of beauty. But there is a magic in his face. I saw a kind of holiness in her which made me fall in love with her even after getting proposals from many beautiful girls at varsity.

She was a first-year student in the English department of the varsity and I was then a second-year student in the EEE department. Occasionally I would see him sitting under a simul tree on the right side of the varsity and writing something in his diary. Always kept quiet. And he used to keep a smile on his face.

I used to follow him every day. One day he was writing a diary. That’s when his phone rang. After receiving the phone, he left the diary under the tree and went to the other side to talk. Then I stole his diary.
I found out after the diary that he did not have a father. He passed away when he was studying in class seven.
Mao died a few days later. He studies from his uncle’s house and pays for his own tuition and tuition. And Mami’s insult is free.

Reading his diary that day, I truly understood that so much pain could be hidden under a smiling magician’s face. The girl can act really well. The next day I sent the diary back to Oak through a little boy. He was so happy to get it back that it can’t be explained.

The behaviour of these children makes me weaker towards him. Exactly three days later, she went to him and proposed to him under the simul tree. He gave me back that day. When asked the reason, he said that love is not acceptable in everyone’s life. I did not understand the meaning of the word that day. But even though I didn’t understand, I didn’t give up.

I go to my parents and tell them about it. Dad assures his uncle will talk to Mami. Dad took the marriage proposal to his uncle the next day. Her uncle took two days to talk to her. And left my number from Dad.
Exactly two days later, a call came to my number from an unknown number. The voice on the other side just told me to receive it and come in front of Square Hospital. I understand it’s Aishwarya’s voice. Within five minutes I was in Square Hospital. Oishee took me to the doctor’s room. Then the doctor went to me and I was not ready at all. The ground beneath my feet moved. The sky broke over my head. Her brain tumour.

Then I take him to a park and he tells me
> Did you hear what the doctor said?
> Hmm. (I)
> Still want to marry me?
> Yes. Would like
> Why? (Wonderful emu)
> So love.
> Why are you living your life with my uncertain life?
> I did not say so love.
> See you marry someone else. Be happy.
> What is the price of that happiness where you are not?
> I am not sure how long I will live. Moreover, I have this disease for a long time. Mama Mami does not know about my disease.
> Do you love me?
> What do you mean?
> Do you love me?
> I am not sure what will happen in love here in my life?
> Tell me whether you love or not
> Yes love.
> Then get married.
> But …
> No but ..

Then we get married in a family way. In the living room, he also told me that you love me so much so maybe I am a guest for two days. So much love will not sew on my forehead. I just gave a smirk. He did not understand the secret of that laughter

On the second day of the marriage, he also turned his head. Then I brought him to the hospital and today his operation. Seven lakh rupees is needed for the operation. But where do I get so much money? It is not possible to manage so much money in one day even for parents.

Eventually, I sold my favourite Nissan car at a nominal price. I can buy a lot of cars in life but where can I find people I love? Hoka a little courage. I got back stunned by the doctor’s call.
Finally, the doctor smiled and told me the operation was a success.

I felt like I got a new life back. Today, after two months, Oishee is completely healthy. We came to visit under the Shimul tree on the right side of the campus.

Do you want to be the success of love

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