-Thanks… (I)
- Get out of here
- Even if you don’t hit the slap. I’m just expressing my wish..your opinion but I didn’t ask
- Will you go?
- It’s weird going !!!
- Isn’t that weird ?? Am I weird?
- How can I say that ?? Strange !!!
-Again ?? Come and ask a girl if she will go to the public toilet with you and you are telling me strange?
- Hey, I’m telling you, I have a bag and there is no place to put a bag in the public toilet. So you will stand with the bag and I will.
- Haise haise — there was no boy around?
-But the fun of going to the toilet with a bag in the hands of the girls was different Girls often put their numbers in my bag from time to time
- So much for taking my number in Tarman?
-Huh !!! I have known your name for the last three months ||| I would be blessed to give you the number this time
-Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..
- Strange !!! Hoise tried to kill another mayor
-Listen to this.
- I have become an apathetic boy. If my ear is right, I will listen

Aslam left in front of Zinnia My fortune !!! I have been walking behind the girl day and night for the last three months Oops sorry !!! Just wandering around the day ||| I sleep at night
But I still know the empty name Het’s friends are also Hitler
That day I called one of his girlfriends Nishi-
-Nishi and Nishi (me)
- Yes brother said — (Nishi)
-Ahhhhhh !!
-What happened?
- If you call a handsome man like me a brother, who will say Janu ??
- Do you understand?
-Yes You’re so cute What eyes, what lips, what cheeks All are first-class type
-Yes Go Really | Well, don’t give Zinnia the number
- Give me mine?
- What do I eat with you?
- You won’t get the junior I can give mine if I need it
I will not call you from the day you leave
-What do you mean?
-I mean you’re jealous Your face, lips, eyes, nose
All third-class |
-How dare you to say that ???
- I Dare To Say That You Kali, Muti, Hingsute, Fahinni …
I don’t remember saying it later
-I’m wrong to talk to you
- That’s why you are suffering the consequences of mistakes
-Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …… ..
- The teeth will be broken
-Offffff !!! Pain !!!
-Same to you 7.

Then Nishi left. All the girlfriends are the same. You will give your life but not your number. Every day I do weird things in front of Zinnia I don’t know if Zinnia gets bored or has fun, but I’m getting bored doing it

I slapped Zinnia twice Where to come to my room to wet the pillow But I’m having a lot of fun. I started walking home with my hands on my cheeks. Suddenly I met Sayem in front of me. Sayem Amar Rebbi bhaleo Kutu Kutu doch

  • Why do you put your hand on your cheek? (Sayem)
    -Hey, that’s it. (I)
    -No one slapped ?? Haha.
    - Oh, no Other events |
    -Then someone is beating me with shoes
    -Hey, donkey Pritu has given two pappi on both cheeks. (By the way Pritu Sayem’s GF)
    - What, Print? I ate this meal today
    - Where’s Khabi? My house is empty I can come
    - I know the dog is a killer Gelly from here?
    - Hey, I’m going to be weird !!!
    - You’re weird Your father-in-law is weird
    -My father-in-law knows it’s weird (huh huh I haven’t married yet).
    But how am I weird? (Huh huh I haven’t gotten married yet)
    - Will you go? Or take shoes in hand?
    - Take it in hand Why do I have to go? Shameless self-promotion for Ballistic Products and a great bargain on a neat little knife for you.
    -Oh God !!! Doch, you are what I see in Picture
    -You are taking pictures
    - The father is not born
    -Brother Anis | Bye
    -Ohhhhh the mental is gone !!!

I came home and fell asleep I’m flying
I have a parachute barrier There is also a girl next door The girl’s body is also parachuted I am looking at both of them with one glance Suddenly the girl became deaf Nirghat is cutting the rat I went to save the girl and hugged her

-This saifullallallallal (.. (mother)
Oops !!! Dil played twelve of my dreams I just hugged Awesomely!!!!
I don’t like it I washed my hands and had a light breakfast and sat down with my laptop The naughtiness in the head is real
I blocked Zinnia from Facebook This time I hit the status “How many people’s girlfriends are dying in Dunaya, why isn’t mine dying ?? I would have had some peace if I had died. “
Comment from a girl’s ID within ten minutes of hitting the status-
— Do you have a girlfriend? Cheat, sitter, crazy blah blah blah ”|
I was shocked to hear so many good insults about me in the face of a girl
I also replied
-Apu Just Chill | (Me)
-I’m your sister? (The girl)
- Oh no Sister
- Come to school tomorrow I will mourn you
- I’m alive
- I’ll do it Blah blah blah 6.
Replies have been trolled I don’t understand who the girl is I’m afraid to go to school What do you know !!!

Entering through the school gate today is shaking hands and feet But I know how everything seems normal
He will kill Saiful but there is no preparation It looks weird Feeling that this is Maral
Suddenly there was a crack near the gate
Close your eyes and run to class “
How can Saiful save Baap Baap !!!! ”

I am sitting in class with my head bowed So that no one can see
Suddenly it seemed that someone was pulling the collar
Eaten !!!! Saiful, you are finished I raised my head in fear Emma !!! This is Zinnia Zinnia’s great courage is holding my collar

ধরা Catching Saiful’s collar means a shock of 440 volts. (I)
-Copy Dialog | (Zinnia)
- So let’s make a new one
-I don’t know When did your GF happen ??
-You ??? GF again?
- What can I say to Luchu like you without you?
You idiot?
- Don’t just hide Large Luchu |
- I am talking with that face
-What should I do? What to do?
-This is how I will embrace

I hugged Zinnia Zinnia began to punch Kill in the chest
I don’t remember the class we were in Leaving Xenia, I see that everyone is looking at us
Everyone pays 10 rupees. (I)
-Why? (Everyone)
-That live movie I watched Won’t you pay?
Zinnia was ashamed to say this and left What else to do, I also ran behind Zinnia went to the library and sat down I also sat down

  • Madam, don’t worry so much that you don’t benefit me So did you check Facebook yesterday? (I)
    - I do it all the time I don’t mean that .. (Zinnia)
    -I understand Something Something.
    -Nothing Nothing |
    -Okay then what else to do That’s a cute Maya going Let’s try
    - I will mourn you when I get up from here
    - Hey, you will not love So why are you cutting if you can do it with someone else
    - I’m telling you to sit quietly
    Sit down
    -AAAAAAAAAA !!!! Someone is threatening a child like me like this !!!!
    -You baby ??? Ha haha… ..Joke of the Year |
    - What a joke !!! Mom says I will have a baby with her as I get older
    - I’m not your mother
    - So who are you?
    -Your GF I don’t mean that ..
    -What I understood Let’s go dating
    - Are you proposing?
    - Why should I?
    - Why don’t you make a profit? You will do it
    - I won’t I will not I will not
    … .Propose
    - Hey, if you slap me like that, even the street madman will propose to you
    -Don’t you? Hurry up
    I sat on my knees I have a sore knee I sat on the ground Zinnia is staring I grabbed Zinnia’s hand This time-
    - Are you going to be my wife? Take care of my laundry? Take responsibility for my cooking? There are some more responsibilities I don’t remember now, I’ll tell you later
    Take care of these responsibilities?
    - Is this a proposal?
    Can’t get better than this If I make love, if I don’t do it, I will go
    - Hey, no, no I will be your wife I will take all your responsibilities
    -Three truths
    - Well, order something
    -You give
    I ordered a lot The waiter has to wash his hands every year I went to the basin and washed my hands I came to the table and saw that the meal was half over Its Zinnia !!! No monster !!!
    - What am I going to eat? (I)
    - Why? Eat them. (Zinnia)
    - How long have you not eaten?
    -From last night
    -I understand Well, don’t feed me
    - Is this so?
    - Okay

Zinnia is feeding with her own hands I’m eating I really got the girl for myself I love you Zinnia Thinking about all this, I finished eating rice Bill original |
-Ohhhhh shit !!! I have an urgent job Have to go | Xenia, you pay the bill. (I)
- I understand there is no urgent work
I’ll pay the bill. (Zinnia)
-Thank you
- Well, aren’t you ashamed to pay the bill with your GF?
- Bride? Do you understand that I have borrowed from you? I will give you a job
- You don’t have to pay Just make me your wife I will pay in this way
-Nib | That means you will pay all the bills from now on What fun !!!!
-What? You have news
- Well, leave it out, I’ll pay the nut bill
- Yes, sir, you don’t have to pay anything A monkey
- Hehe !!! Monkey’s wife is not a monkey
- Hmm, it has to be
-Love you Don’t give a shit?
- What is that?
- I will throw away all the teeth with it
- Stay I don’t want anything I want teeth
-Good boy
This is how our grievances will continue As long as I’m alive

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